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Encryption Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is a software development and distribution company specializing in cutting-edge, next generation encryption software solutions for secure global wireless and wired communications. ESI is located in Newport Beach, CA.

ESI is pleased to announce that its SkyLOCK™ product is NIST Certified and tested for Windows 7. The algorithm and processes were developed as a "bolt-on" wireless cryptographic application, SkyLOCK™, providing extremely robust 256 bit key, scalable to higher levels for very specific government applications.

SkyLOCK™ encryption is patented, government grade software, so powerful that only select countries are allowed access! With a few clicks, the files on your laptop and desktop can be protected by the most intelligent encryption system available. Our encryption system is developed for anyone, from the everyday user to the experienced veteran. Our lightning fast compression technology maintains a minimal file size, and by combining SkyLOCK™ with SkyLINK, you can share your encrypted files while staying protected! From the student, business, doctor, lawyer, or the CIO of a complex security system, SkyLOCK™ is the only encryption software that will keep you protected from losing valuable information through breaches, hackers, or stolen computers.

The growth in digitizing information within certain industry sectors combined with an increased need for information security poses strong market demand for products that can securely enable wireless and wired networking and mobile communications, and email messaging. Government entities, Homeland Security and DoD, law, entertainment and media, finance and banking, healthcare and critical infrastructure such as energy, power and water are all impacted by the need to secure wireless communications, sensitive and private information and intellectual property.

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